The coronavirus pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives. It has made a deep impact on not only our lifestyles but also on the trends in interior design in the pandemic situation. We list below a few interior designing trends that are a result of the coronavirus.

  • Grow Your Own Home Garden Plants– after the coronavirus homegrown gardens have become the latest trends in the home interior designing. The fear of the pandemic has gripped all of us. We fear going out even for the daily essentials like the grocery. So why not grow your own home garden? You can consider growing a terrace garden or just a balcony garden, in case you have a small house. You can grow herbs like mint, basil, rosemary, curry leaves, and so much more. Homegrown vegetables and herbs will not only provide you with healthier air, but it will also give you a supply of your home-grown foods.
  • Colors and Moods complement one another– With the outbreak of the COVID-19 endemic, our mental health has suffered a lot. Stress, anxiety, and depression have taken over our lives. We need positivity, cheerfulness, and security, and what better way of giving our home a fresh coat of paint. Colors and mood go hand in hand. If you want a calm and serene effect, paint your bedroom with a green shade. Choose colors that will enhance your mood and make you feel optimistic about life in general.
  • Loft Storage to Keep Your Room tidy – Quarantine has made families live together. More people mean less space. You need loft storage to tuck away the things that you would not need for some time, such as the winter wear or travel bags. To have a clutter-free house, a storage space that is well organized and clean is the need of the hour. You can also opt for a full-length wardrobe that will help you store your extra luggage.
  • Upcycled Materials and finishes that require less maintenance– The coronavirus has engulfed all of us with fear of touching any surface. The best place to be in the present times is your home. However, how do we make sure that our homes are free of viruses and germs? Sanitizing is one way, but not all material and finishes are able to handle the powerful sanitizer or water. Therefore, there is a growing demand for furniture pieces that are made of upcycled materials and finishes. Some low maintenance finishes are acrylic, laminates, and lacquer. They are not only smooth but are water and stain-resistant and thus are easy to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Cubicle for Efficient Work from Home– A cubicle is now making a comeback courtesy COVID-19. A mot people are now working from home, the cubicle gives the office feel and is comfortable. You can store things in it, and the perfect lightning keeps you active and improves productivity.

With this new Coronavirus Affect interior design trends in place, you are now sure to stay safe and comfortable in your homes.