Everyone has been confined at home more than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit mankind across the globe. People have started to look at homes differently as now they don’t just spend time at home for leisure and meals but also for working out, schooling, and office work. It is more important than ever for our homes to be beautiful as well as healthy spaces for living in.

If you are planning for a renovation post corona or already undergoing renovation process, there are few things to pay attention to for the future of interior design. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Planning a new entry

The beautiful entry designs are expected to be replaced by the disinfection zone so that you can keep your home healthy and safe. You can still have a beautiful wall painting or a mirror in the entrance, but a space to sanitize before entering the home will be a part of several home designs.

  • Designs that cheer you up

With home confinement, you are bound to spend hours in the same space. Your surroundings can have an impact on how you feel. It is important to add colors, textures, smells and shapes in all of your rooms for enhancing and brightening up the mood. The home must exude a positive vibe.

  • Versatile rooms

Irrespective of the size of the home, it can be a great idea to combine your living room with the kitchen and dining space. This will make the space more functional and useful for various activities. Try to make every space of your home multi-purpose so that you can study, work, exercise, and spend leisure team in any area of your home.

  • Blending outdoors with indoors

Incorporating greenery indoors has been a trend since the past few years, and it is expected to become more common. With people spending most of the time indoors, it is important to have a dash of greenery indoors or in the balcony. It can have a calming effect and a positive effect on your surroundings. And, not to forget, you get to breathe fresh air and keep your home cool during the hotter climate.

  • An office at home

Over a period of time, more and more homes will have a fulltime dedicated working space. It is not a luxury but a need so that you can do your office job peacefully without bothering others and getting disturbed by them during a meeting or conference calls.

  • Sustainable lifestyle

Spending more time at home will lead to higher electricity bills. Thus, having a design that reduces energy consumption will be a practical solution. Smaller changes such as choosing the right light bulbs, better insulation, and solar panel can help in cutting down the electricity bill.

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