Just like any other part of your home, the kitchen needs equal attention when planning the design and interiors. After all, you spend significant time in the kitchen cooking at least 3 meals a day. The kitchen needs to be not only spacious and practical but also visually appealing at the same time. When it comes to kitchen designs, there are two classic choices- traditional and modular design.

Let’s have an insight into traditional Indian kitchen designs:

  • These designs consist of real solid wood that offers a classic feel. They are timeless and never go out of style. The architectural details of traditional designs are their main attraction.
  • The traditional kitchen designs are quite versatile and accommodating. You can experiment with wall patterns and backsplashes in stone.
  • What makes these designs unique is the raised-panel doors along with decorative molding between kitchen cabinets.
  • One of the main features of these kitchens is that they are hand-constructed by the carpenters that can be easily found locally. This allows you to supervise and see the work on-site and ask for changes if needed.
  • The traditional kitchen designs are relatively less expensive as the construction is done in front of you. The budget can be decided, and negotiation can be done.
  • The modules of the traditional kitchens can’t be shifted to a new home the way it can be done in modular kitchens.

Here’s a look at some classic and popular traditional kitchen designs:

  • Coffee and Cream Design

The coffee and cream color is a timeless and attractive combination that exudes elegance and sophistication. They can be paired with white granite flooring and bright ceiling light for a perfect look.

  • African Mahogany design

If you wish to give a contemporary touch to your traditional kitchen design, the African mahogany is the right choice for you. The hardwood comes in grainy, reddish-brown hues with intricate details carved on the cabinet and doors which enhances the beauty of the interiors. The designs can really last for a longer duration with easy maintenance.

  • Dark Walnut

If you have an elaborate budget, the dark walnut design can be a good choice for you. The high price is charged owing to the impeccable strength and stability. The simple yet bold design is one-of-a-kind for your traditional kitchen.

  • White Oak

The design has an attractive natural appearance. The lighter tone adds charm and complements wall cabinets and grilled kitchen window.

  • Antique Oak

The antique oak design goes well with the black granite countertop and beige-colored tile backsplash. The design brings a sense of warmth. The hanging lights will complete the look.

  • Knotty Pine

For a raw and rustic feel, knotty pine is a suitable choice. They offer a homely feel in the kitchen and are lightweight. The design is appealing, as well as budget-friendly.

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