A kitchen is an important space in the house where a lot of time is spent. As such, it should provide you with comfort and utility. Nowadays, the most preferred kitchen design is the modular kitchen. If you are thinking of changing your normal kitchen into a modular one, it is possible. We provide you with a guide on how to renovate your old kitchen with a modular kitchen design.

  1. Plan the layout- to create a well– organized and clutter-free kitchen; you need to plan smartly. Make sure that the modular design you choose is convenient and efficient in your kitchen work. It is important to detach the drawer, cabinets, oven, water purifier positions, and other electrical points according to your needs before hiring the modular kitchen designers in Chennai.
  2. Customize the cabinet sizes- the biggest advantage of a semi-modular kitchen is that every aspect of it can be customized as per your requirements. Each space and corner can be well utilized by making tailor-made cabinets. Cabinets and drawers of different sizes can be made to order for your utensils such as spoons, cutlery, crockery, and other things.
  3. Introduce modular accessories- modular accessories such as wire drawers, adjustable shelves, pull-out cabinets, etc. can be installed to create smart spaces within the kitchen. The hard to access end corners can be converted into functional areas by attaching corner carousels. These accessories are attached to the cabinets and drawers to store trays, bottles, spices, vegetables, etc. if you have enough space, you can bring in a tall unit. This creates a pantry that makes it easy to access cooking supplies.
  4. Install modular shelves- to get easy access to kitchen essentials, you can add modular shelves and wall accessories. In addition, you can fix small shelves for spices and other ingredients that are needed more regularly in cooking. Wall accessories can be fixed between the counter and overhead cabinets for hanging utility items such as spoons, spatulas, tongs, etc. as this makes effective utilization of space.
  5. Install a chimney- a fireplace is an essential part of a semi-modular kitchen. This is because it prevents the cabinets and tiles from gathering grime and keeps the kitchen clean and fresh. It gives the kitchen a sleek modern look. Chimneys are primarily of two types- ducted and ductless. They are either built-in, wall-mounted, or available as island chimneys.
  6. Pick an appealing color scheme- another way to make your modular kitchen look dazzling is by using a good color scheme. To make the kitchen space look more vibrant, you can use monochrome or multi-colored laminates in the cabinet and drawers. Attractive tiles that contrast the color of the cabinets can make the kitchen décor even more exciting.

Semi-modular kitchen designs have become more popular than the conventional carpenter- made kitchens due to its effective space management and quick and easy installation. We hope the above tips will help you transform your normal kitchen into a modular one with ease.